Are You Listening?

Your Target Audience is Talking to You

This isn’t your grandfather’s butcher shop. And yet, it is. The technology of social media has brought commerce full circle to the days when you either listened to and respected your customers, or you went out of business. One hundred years ago, your grandfather may have known exactly which cuts of meat to save for his best customers. Today, social media allows you to figure out exactly which offer to make to your best customers.

It’s a simple concept, but it takes some companies a little help to get started. Find out how SugarSpun Marketing can help you create better relationships with your customers to build stronger loyalty and increase sales.

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Who is Swaying Your Customer?

Your ads? Your email campaigns? Maybe, but these days it’s more likely they are being swayed by online reviews, blog posts and social networking. According to Nielsen, 70% of consumers trust the opinions being posted online by other users. So how do you influence the influencers?

We can help you figure out who is influencing your target audience and teach you how to approach them to secure coverage for your products. We can help get you in front of the people who are in front of your customers.

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Social Media is a Powerful Sales Tools

Social Media? It’s that thing that helped a startup organic tea company double their sales in a month. It’s what helped a local burger joint attract a record crowd in a single night. It’s what propelled Dell to $6.5M in sales from their Twitter account alone.

These days, social media isn’t just about “reach” and “voice.” It’s about ROI and sales. We’ll work with your team to define solid goals and we’ll select the best social media outlets to help you reach those goals.

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Social Media Without a Goal is Pointless

measuringHow many times have you heard someone in your company say “We need a Facebook Page” and heard someone else ask them “why?” How many times has that person had an answer that goes beyond “um…because everyone is there?”

Sustainable social media is all about purpose. It’s about understanding what your business goals are and identifying the areas of social media that can best help you reach those goals We don’t believe in being there “because everyone else is.” We believe in purpose driven social media and we back it up with an in-house web analytics team that will help you learn how to track what works and what doesn’t so we can refine your strategy over time.

Learn how the team at SugarSpun Marketing can help you approach social media with a goal in mind.

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Get Your Team or Organization Up to Speed Fast

The world of social media moves at a pretty fast pace, making it a challenge to keep up with current trends. For those new to the world of social media, simply figuring out which advice is worth taking from the wide range of self-proclaimed experts can be a challenge in and of itself.

We believe that great training isn’t simply about spouting off the latest features of the most popular social media site. We believe great training helps you understand the dynamic of social media and the people who use it. We believe it’s about helping you learn the theories, approaches and tactics that will help you (or your team) learn how to roll with the changing tide that is social media.

At SugarSpun Marketing, we reserve more than half of our work hours for education and training and because of that we are able to offer some of the best social media training you’ll find anywhere. Whether you’re looking for structured, web-based social media training or highly personalized on-site training, we’ve got an option for you.
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