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Growing Your Business the Social Media Way

Everyone wants to grow their business, right? But, in order to grow successfully, a business needs a firm foundation. While the foundational elements can be disputed among different business owners, at the center of this foundation lies the many relationships that keep the business going. From relationships with partners, vendors and suppliers to the relationships […]

Facebook Ads: How Effective Are They?

  What do you think of Facebook ads? As businesses and marketers, do you find them useful? From the consumer perspective, are they annoying? Have your eyes already realized where they need to go to avoid them? As you ponder these questions, let’s take a look at the Facebook advertising platform.  When Facebook became open […]

When Social Media Marketing Goes All Wrong

When done right, social media can be your best friend. But, if it is executed poorly or carelessly, it can be ineffective, and worse, harmful. As we often say around here, social media is simply another tool for marketing. Since you wouldn’t jump into a print campaign without carefully planning it out, you shouldn’t jump […]

Google Hummingbird: What You Need to Know

Google rolled out a new algorithm recently that will likely add another piece to the already complicated puzzle of search engine optimization. On the eve of the search and advertising giant’s 15th birthday, it unveiled an algorithm called Hummingbird. Google is taking a slightly different approach with this algorithm and is making an attempt to […]

4 Business Tips You Can’t Ignore

How many times have you said, “If I could do _________________ over, I would do _____________________”? Chances are, you’ve probably said this a time or two. Does this mean we are just mistake-driven people? Not necessarily. There are some cases, of course, when we act before thinking. However, but because most of us are thinkers […]