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Why Social Media Is NOT a Fad

Oh my. Here we go again. The question over whether or not social media is a fad has been sparked once again. A few years ago, this debate was really hot as social networks – namely Facebook and Twiter – were figuring out how to monetize their services. It has died down in recent years […]

What Can Be Learned from Taco Bell’s Marketing?

Up until recently, Taco Bell’s marketing efforts were rather rocky. The popular food chain pushed the mantras of “food-as-fuel” and, of course, “Think outside the bun.” Despite many consumers’ addiction to bean burritos, these tactics did not work. What’s more, the company was hit in 2011 with a lawsuit alleging that Taco Bell’s “seasoned beef” […]

Who’s Responsible for What Happens on Social Media? Facebook, Twitter, or You?

This week, Great Britain’s police force called on social media companies to tighten security measures related to online abuse and harassment. It believes that social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter should make it harder for users to commit crimes on their platforms. The plea came after activist Caroline Criado-Perez received multiple rape threats […]

Social Media Overload? 3 Tips to Prevent It

Yes, it’s true. As much as we love social media around here, we recognize that it can to be overpowering. There are just some days when that person who really needs to see a psychiatrist crosses the line. Or, when the business that runs ANOTHER contest that 15 of your friends get suckered into, which, […]

Why Social Media Can’t Be Ignored

Anyone remember Facebook before the News Feed? It’s hard to believe that what is now one of the biggest draws to the social network was once one of its biggest points of contention.  And what about Twitter? The platform that at first evolved around news and events has now become a hotspot for big announcements […]

New Search Engine Ranking Factors – Is the Game Changing?

This week search engine and social optimization software provider Moz released the results from its 2013 edition of Search Engine Ranking Factors study. The company, formerly known SEOmoz, conducts this study every two years in order to help the Internet marketing industry understand what components have the “strongest association with ranking highly in Google.” Moz […]