The Creative Culture of SugarSpun Marketing (Infographic)


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Work culture has been a hot topic lately, from the Amazon article in the New York Times released last week to one of the founders of Facebook Dustin Moskovitz’s response. Each business evolves its own work culture and employees contribute based on his or her own personality and habits. We here at SugarSpun went about deliberately choosing people that would build a work culture that is…shall we say…significantly different than Amazon’s pressure-cooker atmosphere. As quoted in the New York Times article, “Amazon is where overachievers go to feel bad about themselves.” By deliberate design, our creative chaos is big on achieving but also big on work-life balance. And we believe that giving rein to our creativity is one way to achieve that. Take a look!

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Ariel Stuckey

Although currently in her last year of a Graphic Design undergraduate program at California University of Pennsylvania, Ariel Stuckey is no stranger to creative design. From multiple freelance design projects to being the creative lead and graphic designer at Life Point Church, Ariel brings innovation, originality and imagination, among many other talents to the SugarSpun team. She has a keen understanding of clients’ interests and goals, which she integrates into all marketing materials.

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