Not So Commonly Coated Caramel Corn

It’s funny how you can take something as plain and simple as freshly popped corn and turn it into one of the tastiest and most addictive treats known to man. It’s a little like good social media marketing that way.

Are You Planning Your Social Media Backwards?

When it comes time to put together a social media strategy for your company, there are a few key steps you need to consider before getting started. Unfortunately, most companies bypass these steps and do everything in exactly the wrong order.

Six Reasons SEOs Love Blogs

With so much social media focus on sites like Twitter, FourSquare and Facebook these days, it’s easy for companies to neglect one of the single most powerful social media tools available: their blog. In fact, for companies who are looking to increase their search engine optimization efforts, a well-crafted blog can make a dramatic difference. […]

The World Does Not Begin and End With SEO

Ever notice how when someone finds a solution to a problem they’re having, it suddenly becomes the solution to everyone else’s problem as well?

Strengthen Your Twitter Outreach with New Data

HubSpot has released their Third Annual State of the Twittersphere report and for those of us who keep tabs on Twitter from both the marketing and social interaction perspective the results are interesting. HubSpot analyzed the more than 5 million Twitter accounts and 6 million Tweets that have been collected by Twitter Grader. Perhaps the […]

Is Your Google Local Listing Being Hijacked?

It’s happened before and it will probably happen again. Nearly a year after local search gurus reported on a major hijacking problem with Google Local Business listings, reports are popping up all over again about a fresh crop of hijacked listings. Lisa Meyers made a post last week over at SEO Chicks sharing the problem […]

4 Reasons to Build a Social Media Strategy

As a small business social media strategist, I’m very happy to see so many companies finally beginning to recognize the need to invest some of the marketing dollars into social media. I’m ever more happy to see how many of them are willing and able to dedicate some internal staff to the matter. On the […]

Jennifer Interviewed on WebPro News

Speaking with Abby Johnson at SES Chicago about the concept of “Social Media Dating.” I programmed the Small Business track at SES Chicago this past December and during the Social Media panel, I shared the concept of looking at social media as a dating relationship rather than a sales process. The goal was to help […]