Content Marketing: Strategy & Content Aren’t the Same

Content marketing, like we’ve discussed before, is one of the most talked about concepts in marketing circles today. The reasoning for its popularity is legitimate because content marketing does, in fact, work IF done correctly. There is a ton of information available about content marketing, but unfortunately, not all of it is good advice. One […]

The Problem, Err Challenge, with Facebook Marketing

For businesses and marketers, Facebook has been quite the challenging platform in recent months. In what is being called a “Reachpocalypse,” Facebook Pages have undergone a very obvious drop in organic reach since last fall, which has resulted in many panicked marketers. As we have said before, Facebook has admitted to putting less emphasis on […]

Boring Brands Can Succeed in Social Media Too

  Social media has a sense of fun and excitement attached to it. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social tools are trendy and exhibit a unique energy unlike other marketing methodologies. Brands like Pepsi, Doritos, Dove, Taco Bell and others always seem to be embracing the latest phenomenon in a very successful way. For […]

Is Pinterest Auto-Following Boards on Your Behalf?

Four years after launch, Pinterest is still as focused as ever on driving stronger user engagement, offering up new recipe search refinement options and even slipping their new “Recommended” pins into user’s news feeds. But is Pinterest pushing things a step further and deciding who you ought to follow based on your browsing history? It’s […]