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Sugarspun Marketing President Jennifer Evans Cario sat down for an email interview this week with Todd Malicoat over at A long-time veteran of the SEO Industry, Todd also serves  as the SEO Faculty Chair for MarketMotive, the training company that features Jen’s web-based social media marketing training curriculum.

Todd asked Jen some great questions, including her thoughts on low cost social media monitoring tools, which social signals impact a site’s SEO potential and how to reach out to influencers in a credible way that delivers results. Here’s a quick snippet of one of the responses:

That’s an excellent question and one that’s really hard to answer in a concrete fashion. Clearly things like good design, solid usability and quality offerings are high on the “duh factor” list for this. From the social media side of things, it’s all about transparency and honesty. The best way to be credible in social media is to be transparent. Tell people who you are, tell them why you are talking about a topic, event or product and let them know the pros and the cons. People are looking for authenticity…and when they find it combined with a topic that interests them, they tend to embrace it.

For the full text of the interview with Jennifer Evans Cario, head over to Todd’s blog.

Jennifer Cario

Jennifer Cario has dedicated her career to creatively helping businesses and consumers connect in a way that positively impacts the bottom line. With over 20 years of industry experience, she has also written several books and developed social media training curriculum in use by hundreds of colleges, universities and enterprise companies around the world. Jen consistently develops fresh ideas and methods for communicating within the world of marketing.

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