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Is your business taking advantage of LinkedIn? According to Sean Jackson, a founding partner of Copyblogger Media, businesses should tap into this social media platform due to its high value. SugarSpun Marketing had the opportunity to catch up with him at Pubcon in Las Vegas and hear him explain how LinkedIn consists of people and businesses (with incomes!) that are looking for business solutions. These are the people that are key influencers when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

It’s no secret that it is much harder for businesses to get noticed in Facebook’s News Feed. As a result, Jackson recommends utilizing LinkedIn’s content network called Pulse. Research shows that the first Pulse update has the potential to hit 20 percent of each person’s audience. Regular posting could increase this potential to up to 60 percent of a person’s following within a month’s time.

But, how can a person, and in turn a business, get into the Pulse network? It’s not hard, but it takes some basic efforts. Jackson suggests starting with the user’s profile. Is there a professional image? What about an updated summary that includes your name? Are your connections included? From there, users can add content and provide tags, calls to action, etc., just like on other channels.

All these ideas are areas that small and large businesses alike can implement. However, Jackson believes that small businesses have more advantages than enterprises due to the flexibility SMBs have.

Jackson also provides tips for embracing the paid components of LinkedIn, getting employees engaged with LinkedIn, and how all these initiatives can work in conjunction with a business’s overall marketing strategy. Check out all this and more in this exclusive video:


To learn more about Jackson’s perspective on LinkedIn, you can visit his podcast cleverly entitled The Missing Link.

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