Whquoteen it comes to reputation management, too many companies take the “bury your head in the sand approach.” After all, if you never look, you won’t know if your customers are saying something bad about you, right? We look at things a little bit differently here at SugarSpun Marketing; we believe it’s important to know what’s being said about you, both the good AND the bad. After all, unsolicited comments are one of the best ways to learn what people really think of you. The negative comments help you understand where you need to improve, and the positive comments can help you identify things you should be touting in your marketing messages.

In the social media age in which we all now live, those comments are more common (and public) than ever. We more than recognize that it’s hard to keep information quiet in today’s marketing environment. While transparency is respected and even encouraged, a brand needs to be protected. This is what reputation management is all about.


Our team can help you create a strategy that puts proactive measures in place to fend off potential reputation crises. We can also help create a plan for those unexpected circumstances that arise, so that you are able to take control of the situation and not just react. Our team has deep roots in public relations, and understands the need to bridge the gap between traditional media monitoring channels and online tools. This integrated approach allows us to create conversation that ties back to your brand’s business goals in a way that not only sets your name apart in your industry, but that also impacts your bottom line.

Want to talk more about how we can help? We’re all ears.