For too many companies, a social media strategy means building followers at all costs and chasing the latest social media trends as presented by the CEO’s favorite social media blog. While followers are great and staying on top of trends can be a great way to build an early adopter advantage, we don’t believe they are also great goals that can easily lead companies off course.

Our goal in helping you build a social media strategy is to take the time to understand your core business goals. Perhaps you are looking to establish a new brand, or you’d like to introduce an existing product to a new market niche. Maybe you’re looking to reduce call center costs or gather consumer insight to help determine your next service launch. We know which types of business goals social media can help you reach, and we believe in creating a customized approach for each business that not only reflects those goals, it also provides you with the best chance to meet them.

That’s why building sustainable social media strategies have been our focus since we opened our doors in 2009. With over twenty years of Internet Marketing experience, our founder has been helping companies of all sizes take a step back from the hype to focus on what actually works since before most of the industry had even heard the term social media.

Whether you’re looking for a one off strategy you can implement yourself or the start of an ongoing relationship with an outside agency, we’re here to help.