Social Media Marketing

We’re long past the stage where social media could be considered “that thing people do sometimes.” These days, social media has connections into almost every area of our day-to-day lives. Whether we’re connecting with friends, researching our next purchase, or looking for a job of brokering a million dollar deal, social media has become a critical part of the experience. Never before has it been so easy (and so difficult) to get in front of your target audience. Lucky for you, it’s what we’re great at!

Marketers have spent more than a decade experimenting with various social channels and chasing the shiny new changes, often at the expense of solid ROI for clients. While we’re all for experimenting, we also believe that the core of your online marketing strategy should be founded on best practices and developed with your specific business goals in mind. Experimenting is great for A/B testing; it’s not so great as a form of strategy.

This is why you’ll hear less gushing over the latest social media channel darling and more conversation about KPIs, margins, and content development when talking to us. We’ll help you learn which areas of social media provide opportunity for your business, and we’ll lead you toward the tactics and channels with the highest likelihood of success for your company.

Why not take advantage of these new opportunities? Let’s be clear, we’re not saying you should tackle every single social channel or social marketing idea you hear about – no one has time for that! But, we do know you can’t benefit from what you don’t try. We’re here to help you identify the approaches you might be missing and to help bolster the work you’re already doing.

ROI stat-01At SugarSpun Marketing, we approach each client’s social strategy by looking at the individual goals for their business. Goal-oriented social media is going to outperform “ooh, look, it’s shiny!” social media EVERY TIME. So, let us help you get out there and get it done. After all, recent data released by Cision, shows that companies who maintain an active and extensive social media presence see four times the ROI of companies with a limited social media presence.

Are you ready to boost your business by implementing a goal-oriented, actionable social media plan? Spend a little time looking over our services, or give us a call and we’ll talk you through the best fit for you.:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Community Management
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Social Media Contest Development & Execution

Call us today and let us help social media impact your bottom line!

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