Influencer Marketing 101 (Infographic)

Influencer marketing has exploded into one of the most focused on and debated online marketing tactics of 2017, and we’re barely halfway through the year. Influencer Marketing isn’t new, social media specialists have been orchestrating outreach and partnerships with popular content developers for more than a decade. What IS new is the sheer volume of […]

10 Ways Marketers Can Win at Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a new phenomenon that often times it is hard to know what to do with it from a business perspective. Jennifer Cario partners with Simplilearn / MarketMotive for this webinar to help walk businesses through ways that you can utilize Pokemon Go and connect with your customers. Sit back and enjoy the […]

Pokemon Go Marketing

Pokemon Go, A Marketer’s Dream

Remember back in the days of Foursquare when you could build customer loyalty with marketing promises like “the Mayor drinks for free!” or “show us your check-in for a discount on your purchase?” It’s time to gear up for the next round of location-based marketing meets gamification. Except this time, the game part blows pretty […]

Video: The Intersection of Social Media, SEO & Content Marketing

Often in online marketing, there are silos of social media, SEO, and most recently, content marketing. All of these pieces should work together like clockwork, according to Michelle Stinson Ross, who at the time of the video shoot was at Authority Labs but is now the founder and principal consultant at Firestarter Social Media. As […]

Video: The Truth about Reddit in Marketing

Who hasn’t felt trepidation about marketing on Reddit? The reputation of this long-standing social media platform resembles circling sharks to businesses. And no business wants to be the helpless fish. The general trend is to stay away from it rather than try to understand it (except for these 10 companies, who made the effort and […]

Video: Why Businesses Should NOT Neglect LinkedIn

Is your business taking advantage of LinkedIn? According to Sean Jackson, a founding partner of Copyblogger Media, businesses should tap into this social media platform due to its high value. SugarSpun Marketing had the opportunity to catch up with him at Pubcon in Las Vegas and hear him explain how LinkedIn consists of people and […]

The Most Awkward Stock Photo Finds of 2015

If you ever deal in stock photography, chances are you’ve seen some pretty strange images. Graphic designers like myself know that some pretty strange results turn up from perfectly harmless searches. Our team here at SugarSpun has kept track of our 15 most awkward finds throughout the year. Without any further ado, here is our […]

We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Infographic)!

Christmas cards in the mail are often a family’s chance to brag about what they’ve done that year and how great they are. Not that we’re bragging…but we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished! We’ve expanded our client base, our employee family and our repertoire. It’s definitely been an exciting year! Being the creative marketing agency […]

5 Steps for Building Your Holiday Marketing Strategy

As hard as it is to believe, the holiday season is upon us. Christmas trees and other decorations are already gracing homes, stores and places of business. Though a busy time of year, it holds excitement as well as opportunity, if businesses embrace it. The following steps should help your business effectively take advantage of […]