Marketing to Millennials: 4 Tips for Your Brand

It’s hard to believe how drastically social networks like Facebook have evolved since their debut. I’m dating myself here, but, when I first created an account on Facebook, it was only designed for college students. In fact, not every college or university was even involved at that time. We all know how the network has […]

Social Media Misconceptions: Setting the Record Straight

With a society consumed with social media, one would think it would be relatively understood. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Many people and businesses are still struggling to not only digest what social media can do, but also to develop an effective strategy that adapts to continuous changes on each platform. Social media is powerful and can […]

Should You Outsource Marketing Services?

In the last 10 years, social media marketing has become a huge opportunity for businesses of all sizes. From mom and pop shops to Fortune 500 companies, marketing strategies are turning more and more to social media. In fact, it was projected that 70 percent of companies would increase their digital marketing budget in 2015. […]

4 Ways to Create Buzzworthy Content (Butter Recipes Included!)

I was moonlighting as a server for a friend’s rehearsal dinner, passing around trays of artisan deviled eggs, when I heard, “Oh, this is my childhood, right here,” referring to the bread and butter table. That table was the pride and joy of Jen, SugarSpun’s fearless leader. She had artfully set the table with bread and […]

The FTC Targets Social Media with Updated Guidelines: What Marketers Need to Know

In 2009, the FTC rolled out some guidelines to accommodate the world of new media. The online marketing sector raised many questions and concerns at the time but has learned to work with the recommendations. But, the FTC isn’t done with this area. The commission recently updated its guidelines and now calls for “clearer” disclosure […]

Everything I Need to Know About Running a Small Business, I Learned From Firefly

This week is a bittersweet one for fans of what can be argued as Joss Whedon’s most beloved show, Firefly. Today is the tenth anniversary of the release of Serenity, the movie that served as a peace offering to Browncoats after the too-early cancellation of Firefly. It’s also the week we celebrate the cast reunion […]

SugarSpun: 4 Ways (with Recipes) to Tailor your Content

I met with a friend regarding blog content for her website awhile back over lunch. Part of it was an excuse to talk about content marketing over gastronomical goodness and part of it was to take advantage of one of the very few low-humidity summer days Pittsburgh has to offer. Over delicious burgers and sunlit […]

SugarSpun: Ice Cream and Content Management – What Not to Do

What feelings do the words “summer” and “ice cream” invoke for you? For me, it’s hot summer days traipsing to the ice cream store down the street in the middle of the day, money clutched in my sweaty, little hands. That first feel of the cool ice cream cone on my palm was perhaps my […]

Mega Content Part 2: Boost Long Term Leads Through Compounding Lead Generation

It’s a long recognized fact that corporate websites that include active blogs generate higher volumes of traffic, leads and conversions. After all, a steady stream of content provides search engines with more pages to index and provides marketers with more opportunity to focus in on specific areas of interest or on sharing multiple perspectives. When […]

Understanding the Three Primary Goals of Social Media

It seems a little funny to think that five years ago I was writing about the need for businesses to recognize that their social media investment needs to be about more than the teenage “everyone else is doing it” mentality. Why is it funny? Mostly because three years later we still have that conversation with prospective clients on a regular basis.