The Creative Culture of SugarSpun Marketing (Infographic)

Work culture has been a hot topic lately, from the Amazon article in the New York Times released last week to one of the founders of Facebook Dustin Moskovitz’s response. Each business evolves its own work culture and employees contribute based on his or her own personality and habits. We here at SugarSpun went about […]

Are There Too Many Voices on Social Media?

When social networks like Facebook really started to emerge, circa 2006 and 2007, one of the primary success drivers was the voice it gave to those who previously struggled to be heard. This phenomenon really began with bloggers since blogs and free platforms like WordPress gave them an outlet to share their ideas and opinions. […]

SugarSpun: The White Space Conundrum (+ Homemade Ricotta Recipe)

We have a saying in our office. When someone is going above and beyond the normal creative effort to a Pinterest-type effort, we say they are “jenning” it. For those of you who don’t know our founder and president, Jennifer Evans Cario is amazingly creative, incredibly detail-oriented and very driven. When a project piques her […]

Joe Shmoe’s Guide to Social Media Image Dimensions

In social media, size does matter, especially when it comes to image dimensions. It’s definitely a challenge to keep up with all the networks and the various sizes they have for each component of an account. But, if you want to effectively represent your brand, you need to get it right. We decided to take […]

Mega Content: What It Is & Why Marketers Should Embrace It (Part 1)

What if you could help create ready-made content for your social media sharing teams while simultaneously boosting the size of your targeted email marketing lists without dramatically increasing the work done by your content marketing team? It’s what every business wants, and it’s surprisingly possible with just a little bit of tweaking to your current […]

How to Really Connect with Your Facebook & Twitter Audience

As social media has grown and evolved, the reasons people use it vary. In the past, many users would keep their Facebook accounts more personal and reserve LinkedIn for strictly business. Though some still try to stick by these rules, the lines have gotten blurred. I often hear people say they would like to delete […]

Trader Joe’s Kona Coffee Cookies Copycat Recipe: AKA Taste of Subtle in Social Media

Shortbread cookies are warm fuzzies to me. They speak of blue tins full of dress-up jewelry – the tasty companions to pretend tea parties or a deliciously buttery counterpoint to a simple cup of tea. For some unknown reason, however, I’ve never tried to duplicate the store bought version. It’s silliness, really, because the recipes […]

The Best Way To Use Colors in Marketing (Infographic)

What do colors really mean? Did you know they could actually play to your emotions? What’s more, they can even make you hungry! This is why they are critical to marketers. Businesses take careful consideration when designing their logos, websites and other marketing materials. Check out this infographic we put together to gain a better […]

Getting Back to Good Headlines with the Curiosity Gap

It’s no secret that if you want to use content marketing to drive targeted traffic to your web site, you’ll need to be strategic in social sharing. By the end of 2014, social sharing had surpassed organic search as a referral source for web sites, accounting for 31% of online referral traffic. With so many […]

3 Social Media Lessons Every Marketer Should Keep Close

With a vast amount of available information on social media, society as a whole, and especially marketers, sometimes forget just how young these platforms are. Now, we know that social media dates back to the days before Facebook and Twitter to forums and other chat rooms, but still, the social media industry is very young. […]