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Influencer Marketing 101 (Infographic)

Influencer marketing has exploded into one of the most focused on and debated online marketing tactics of 2017, and we’re barely halfway through the year. Influencer Marketing isn’t new, social media specialists have been orchestrating outreach and partnerships with popular content developers for more than a decade. What IS new is the sheer volume of […]

Pokemon Go, A Marketer’s Dream

Remember back in the days of Foursquare when you could build customer loyalty with marketing promises like “the Mayor drinks for free!” or “show us your check-in for a discount on your purchase?” It’s time to gear up for the next round of location-based marketing meets gamification. Except this time, the game part blows pretty […]

Understanding the Three Primary Goals of Social Media

It seems a little funny to think that five years ago I was writing about the need for businesses to recognize that their social media investment needs to be about more than the teenage “everyone else is doing it” mentality. Why is it funny? Mostly because three years later we still have that conversation with prospective clients on a regular basis.

Mega Content: What It Is & Why Marketers Should Embrace It (Part 1)

What if you could help create ready-made content for your social media sharing teams while simultaneously boosting the size of your targeted email marketing lists without dramatically increasing the work done by your content marketing team? It’s what every business wants, and it’s surprisingly possible with just a little bit of tweaking to your current […]

Is Pinterest Auto-Following Boards on Your Behalf?

Four years after launch, Pinterest is still as focused as ever on driving stronger user engagement, offering up new recipe search refinement options and even slipping their new “Recommended” pins into user’s news feeds. But is Pinterest pushing things a step further and deciding who you ought to follow based on your browsing history? It’s […]

Pinterest Releases Native Analytics

After more than a year of waiting for delivery, Pinterest has finally delivered on its promise to deliver native analytics to Pinterest users with verified URLs. (And Pinterest marketers rejoiced.) In an announcement posted to the company’s blog on March 12th, the Pinterest team shares the details.